Tamko Production

Music Producer

Mixing Engineer

Sound Designer

YouTube Music Blogger

Electronic Music Teacher

  • 14 years
    Music Production and Mixing
  • 18 own releases
    Singles, EPs and Albums
  • 100+ song
    Mixed or Produced
  • 50+ videos
    Voiceovers and sound design
My name is Evgenii a.k.a. Tamko.
I am a music producer, mixing engineer, sound designer, and teacher.

Main music genres I work with:
Soundtrack, Cinematic, Downtempo, Chillout, Ethnic, IDM, Trip-Hop, and many others.


Music Production
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Mixing & Mastering
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Sound Design
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Production Lessons
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  • Instrumentals and Vocals
  • Vocal Tuning and Mastering
  • 2-4 days per song
  • 5 free reviews
From 100 USD / track
Voice Editing
  • Processing for podcasts
  • Any number of speakers
  • Noise reduction & De-Reverb
  • Loudness leveling
From 75 USD / speaker
Sound Design
  • For Videos and Games
  • Foley and Synthesis
  • Sounds and Music
  • Mixing & Loudness Leveling
From 100 USD / minute
  • Maschine, Ableton, Logic
  • Production & DAW basics
  • First 15 minutes are free
  • You ask, I answer
50 USD / hour


Telegram: @evgen_tamko
Email: i@tamkoproduction.com
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