Sound Design Projects

You can listen to some examples of my

sound design for videos and for indie games

Sound Design Showreel
By Tamko
This video showcases various sound design techniques, including weapon shots, spacecraft flights, monster voices, ambience and textures, and room tone.

As a bonus, the final part of the video includes a fully sound-designed segment for an animated film.
Original sound design for a commercial by the Vietnamese brand, Mr. Viet.

Except for the music and voiceover, all the sounds you hear in this video were created by me.

DOP/Color: Cherniavskii Ivan
Produced by: Dmitry Knyazev
Sound design: Tamko (Evgenii Osipov)
Mr. Viet - Real Vietnamese
Commercial by the Vietnamese brand, Mr. Viet.
Пликсы (Plixy)
Short Animated Film
A director of the "Plixy" animated film sent me a completely silent video.

I had some limitations:

  • Sounds should not be realistic
  • Music should follow emotions
  • Music instruments should mimic real sounds like in "Tom&Jerry"
The task was performed with some exceptions.

All music, sound design, and mixing are made by Tamko.
Sound Design for Casual Video Game
Sounds description for audio file
00:01 - Damage received
00:04 - A prize won
00:10 - Countdown
00:19 - Level passed
00:25 - Game Over
00:32 - Magic door opened
00:38 - Score calculating one-shot
00:40 - "Next" button
00:41 - Rolling the dice
00:44 - Devil's laugh
00:48 - Ghost scares player
00:50 - Flame sound
00:54 - Simple shot (not too realistic by customer's request)
00:56 - Blunder
00:57 - Scull crackles
01:00 - Skull breaks
01:01 - Heart is taken
01:04 - Additional time is taken
01:06 - Diamond is taken
01:12 - Doors are swapping
01:14 - Door creacks
01:18 - Level intro
01:28 - Bonus level
Note: the game is under development and some sounds will be changed or replaced
Alfa-version gameplay example
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