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My success on YouTube started from the video "Full Review of Maschine 2: ALL main functions for 1 hour" in Russian.

Russian is the world's eighth-most spoken language by the total number of speakers and has over 258 million total speakers worldwide. It is the most spoken native language in Europe, as well as the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia.

At the same time, many Russian-speakers don't know English well enough to consume content in English, so my lessons become a saving hand for amateur music producers with poor English.
Translation to English of old videos is on the way and English videos are also planned.

I give private lessons via ZOOM, so you can choose the desired topic and have a call with me.

If you to see me as a part of your regular YouTube team, I'm also open to partnership.
How compressor works
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I've never used advertisements for Tamko Laboratory, and all my viewers and subscribers are 100% organic.
Some videos have 200+ thankful comments.
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